Lecture: Owls and Other Crepuscular Night Birds of the Southwest, presented by Kurt Leuschner

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Rancho Mirage Public Library
Community Room

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Kurt Leuschner, Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert, will introduce you to all of the owls and other night birds that occur in the Southwestern United States. From the tiny Elf Owl to the Great Horned Owl, these owls occupy a variety of habitats and make some very un-owl-like sounds. After this talk you'll want to spend more time outside at night so you can experience these nocturnal birds for yourself.
Kurt Leuschner is a Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert where he teaches courses on Conservation, Entomology, Field Ornithology, Native Plants, and GPS Navigation. Kurt also teaches weekend courses and workshops on birdwatching, insects, GPS, and backyard habitats for the UCR Extension, the Desert Institute, the
Desert Studies Center, and the Living Desert.

Event Type(s): Lectures & Discussions