Theodore Roosevelt: A True American - "Teddy the Bull Moose-er"

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Rancho Mirage Public Library
Community Room

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American history professor and Library favorite Dr. William Gudelunas returns to present a 3-part lecture series on Theodore Roosevelt, considered by many to be one of our greatest presidents. Born a sickly child with debilitating asthma in 1858, Roosevelt overcame early challenges by embracing a strenuous lifestyle, and soon developed his well-known "cowboy" persona defined by varied interests and a robust masculinity. Roosevelt would go on to become a naturalist, historian, writer and military leader before becoming our nation's youngest president. Join Dr. Gudelunas in an in-depth examination of the life and legacy of one of our country's most colorful leaders.
Event Type(s): Lectures & Discussions