Virtual Lecture: Backyard Birds—Desert Region

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Rancho Mirage Public Library

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Backyard birding in the desert can be a source of ongoing enjoyment punctuated with occasional surprises. Any yard in the Coachella Valley may be routinely visited by 30 or more different bird species. During the migratory seasons and in certain locations, dozens more may be seen, especially if the owner takes steps to attract birds. This talk will introduce you to the bird species that are most frequently encountered in a typical desert backyard, as well as providing an introduction to their fascinating behaviors and traits. You will also learn the basics on how to make your own yard into a wildlife haven that will become the source of many hours of relaxation and entertainment watching the birds that visit it.

Event Type(s): Lectures & Discussions
Presenter: Kurt Leuschner